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General products franchise

Why Start A General Products franchise Business In India?

The growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry is exponential when compared to the other industries in India. This industry survived the economic slowdown, COVID-19, and will survive any undesirable situation in the future. The pharmaceutical industry is always to stay. With the advancement of technology, there is an ever-increasing demand for allopathic medicines. Since people are investing in allopathic medicines to cure their daily health problems. From the business point of view, starting a General Products Franchise can be profitable because of the high demand for general products in the market. Also, the PCD franchise gets huge support from the pharmaceutical company. So, it becomes relatively easy and stress-free to begin a business in the PCD pharma franchise.

Why start a general Products franchise business in India?

General medicines, also known as internal medicines, are used to medicate different ailments and health conditions of the patients using western or allopathic medicines. General medicines include the range of almost all the high in demand medicines

  1. Practically, allopathic medicines have the highest demand as compared to other types of medicines. This makes choosing the Pharma Franchise company in General Range a safe yet profitable option.
  2. Since general medicines does not target only one specialized market instead a combination of many.
  3. The demand for general range medicines is very high due to the fact that people are becoming more aware of their health these days. Thus, they need quality medicines to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  4. From the data point of view, approximately $1.5bn revenue is generated by the general medicine range every year. And it is increasing at a rate of 7% every year.
  5. There is no or minimal risk involved as you will get the full support of the company in terms of promotion, marketing, and drug range facilities
  6. This franchise business does not involve huge investments. Also, there is no need to spend on different drug solutions. So, it’s budget-friendly for even young entrepreneurs.

Why choose Solway Pharmaceuticals for Pharma Franchise of general medicines?

Solway Pharmaceuticals is a leading Pharma Franchise company in General RangeWe aim to help people to lead a healthy lifestyle by researching, promoting, and providing affordable medications that address their medical needs. We provide significant benefits to the people who are interested in General Products Franchise. Following are the benefits that Solway Pharmaceuticals offers to its Pharma Franchise associates.

  • Solway pharmaceuticals provide monopoly rights.
  • A wide range of products which are high in demand.
  • Well-equipped manufacturing unit with high-tech technology.
  • Attractive promotional tools to help franchise owners in marketing.
  • ISO certified company with high quality and certified products.
  • Well-established brand reputation.
  • Quality assurance team to monitor the quality of the medicines.
  • Appealing and safe packaging of products.
  • Quick or timely delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

It is easy to begin a general products franchise business with us, you just need to have the required documents and we can discuss the further details. Contact us and grab the opportunity.


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